What is Corporates Training ?

It takes at least 3-5 years to take seasoned professionals and make them productive. So there is a need to train, retain and educate employees and managers to grow. All this process is called corporate training as it involves training the employees in a company.

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An organization without employee training and development is like a car without a steering wheel –it might move if you push it, but you won’t get very far. You can overcome the skill gaps in an organisation through effective corporate training.

  • Highest Productivity

    You can cover the skill gap in your employees which in turn helps in delivering the most output in less time contributing to the highest productivity in the employees.

  • Catalyst for Learning

    It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Dept to take care of minimizing the usage of resources. Here corporate training plays a major role in making them learn the new skills fast due to the use of blended learning solution.

  • Better Decision Making

    Employees can relate to the things better only when they understand the system and become a part of it. With proper training, it becomes easy for them to understand the things fast and make better decisions.

  • Improve Morale

    The employees’ confidence will improve as they have clarity over the things and upgrade their skills with time. This, in turn, helps in the overall performance of the team.


When you take corporate training online, you have more command over what your employees are learning. You can track their performance, progress and have a record of their weak areas anf focus more on them. It also enables your employees take the course on the go at their own comfort.



  • Interactive Learning/Training

    Make your online e learning program more engaging and interactive by creating interesting content in multimedia format. You can create training modules which are the blend of asynchronous and synchronous courses, supporting multimedia content in word, ppt, audio or video format.

  • Online Assessment Exam

    The outcome of the training can only be measured by the performance of the learners in the assessment. With the right blend of questions in the assessment, not just the strengths & weakness of the new hires can be assessed, but also the temperament and preferences. Assessments can be a key tool to measure employee performance.

  • Diverse Crowd

    Make your training geographically diversified, let employees from different locations connect and be the part of the same batch thereby build rapport – thereby increased co-ordination & co-operation and better outcome on the cross border projects. If the training module is common across the verticals, then this methodology creates a better understanding amongst different support systems.

  • Multi Lingual

    Our Multilingual tool to help you bridge the linguistic barrier for your global employees. Be Truly global by giving your employees the platform to communicate in their preferred language. Our Virtual Classroom supporting 104 languages, ensures that employees from almost every location is covered.

  • Train Employees Wherever They Are

    Training just got easier. eFront has a native app compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets making it simple for employees to take their training from anywhere in the world.

  • Accessibility

    The flexibility to access the training programs of the company from anywhere and anytime gives the learning advantage to the employees. The employees from different locations and time zones cutting across geographical and linguistic barriers can access the training modules.

  • Content Sharing

    The trainers can share the content either as a downloadable course or in the interactive live class and the same can be downloaded by the learners. The two-way content sharing ensures that the notes can be exchanged between the trainers and the learners. The content can either be in the text format, audio or video.

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