What is Customer Training?

The branch of training the people outside your business is called customer training. It involves training your customers on how to use your product or service. In customer training, you create programs on how to use your products.



It helps in creating brand awareness as well as improves the sales. Because when the customers know how to use your product or service, then your sales will improve.

  • Reduce support cost

    When your customers are familiar with your product then you’ll get very fewer support queries which reduces your support cost. Also, you can simply direct your customer to specific resource when they have a query.

  • More customers onboarding

    It becomes easy for your customers when it comes to using your product. So the number of customers who are onboarding will increase.

  • More engagement with your product

    With playing around your product, the scope of knowing about your product will be less. When your customers are exposed to customer training programs, then they will understand the complete use case of your product which improves customer engagement.

  • Creates brand promoters

    When your customers know the kith and kin of your product, they will be pleased with your product due to which they turn into brand promoters as well.


You can expand your reach to even places where you can’t go physically when you take your customer training online. This also enables you to cut down your cost to train your customers.



  • Opex Savings

    Online Trainings are always soft on OPEX, train your customers without the need to travel. With our affordable web conferencing solution, you can have a global footprint, build customers globally and train them, without straining your OPEX. Online Customer Training would cut down your traveling cost, accommodation, what’s more, it frees up your personal time as well.

  • User Specific Language

    For your diversified global audience, we have a diversified language interface supporting 104 languages. Train your customers without any language barrier using different tools of our live video conferencing software like Chatbox and Question & answer panel. The best part is that your customer will have their preferred language interface at their end, while you will have your own preference at your end.

  • Instant Feedback

    Take quick feedback from your customers on your training methodology using the Poll feature. Also. You can instantly push questions and take a quick assessment of your customers training.

  • Offer Premium Training

    Let you be always accessible for your customer’s team for any queries and concerns as part of the premium offering. You can always charge a premium to conduct monthly or ‘on-demand training’ to your customer’s team.

  • Easy to Implement

    You do not need to have the technical knowledge on how to use our Interactive Web Conferencing solution. We manage everything for you, whether that be storage space, server connection or maintenance. All you have to do is subscribe for our SaaS-based service, opt for a defined number of users and upgrade on a need basis.

  • Branding

    Let your brand be your recognition, and Logo is one of the major components of branding. We let you have your logo and your company name on our e-learning software, thereby trigger a complete cycle of building credibility, trust, positive influence on prospects and customer acquisition.

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