What is distance education?

Distance education is the education of students who may not always be present at a school physically. It is also called as e-learning, online learning.



The best part in distance education when you use online medium is you can track the performance of the students. With the less resource, you can teach any number of students in this means.

  • Performance Tracking

    When you opt an LMS for distance education, you can track the performance of the students as well as the progress they made in the completion of the course

  • Ease of Access

    The content can be accessed from any device whether it be an ios or android device or from a PC.

  • Personalized Learning

    You can create the courses based on the abilities of the student so that everyone can learn to the best they can.

  • Flexibility

    A student can learn from wherever you want at any time you want. In asynchronous learning students can learn at their own pace.


The sole aim of the distance education is flexibility to complete the course remotely and continuing with their daily routine. When you take it online, you can conduct exams too online and provide the certificate of completion due to which it is so better for the students.



  • Student Engagement Through Interactive Live Classes

    The distance education is no longer about learning on your own through self paced or time bound courses. Blend the learning – Yes, blend the distance courses with online interactive live classes wherein the students can interact with the Lecturers realtime. The interaction ensures better understanding of the concepts, and getting queries answered thereby better learning outcome.

  • Latex Equation Editor

    We strive to eliminate the challenges of the distance learning, and one of the action towards the goal is to offer a Virtual Classroom with Latex Equation Editor. The mathematical students now have a tool to execute complicated mathematical equations real time in a virtual classroom. The real classroom environment is simulated for better understanding of the concepts.

  • Live Class Recording

    Record your guest lectures and create a repository of these sessions, the same can always be shared with the students for value add and would lead to creation of a digital library.

  • SaaS Based

    Organizations are not required to have exhaustive technical and IT infrastructure teams to take care of the deployment and maintenance. Our Solution is SaaS based which means we offer it as a subscription based service. While you take care of teaching, leave the nuances of e learning management to us. The subscription can always be upgraded on a need basis.

  • Login Simplified

    We believe in making things and process simplified for our users – No Complications. There are no downloads or plugin installation. A simple click on the class link will let you into the session.

  • White Labelled Solution

    Brand is an emotion, build one for yourself having your name and your logo. A recognized brand takes the marketing results to the next level, helps in customer acquisition and gives credibility to your business.

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