EdSoft Learning Management System—usually referred to as an LMS—is a platform that makes the learning process easy. By the name, we can infer that LMS helps you in managing your courses in a systamatic way. EdSoft LMS helps you to organize your courses with ease with its easy to use interface.

An LMS lets the learners learn at their own pace – either fast-paced or convenient mode ???? No scheduling issues, manage your priorities. Just like a physical library where management of the books is involved in different sections systematically. With an LMS, you can manage the online knowledge base in a systematic way. In an LMS you can schedule the courses and track the web-based online courses. And LMS handles all of these activities enabling you to focus your energy on strategic agenda..


An LMS can be used in any business vertical where teaching and learning is involved. Like, universities corporate companies irrespective of their product or service, online or elearning based educational institutes. Because it can be used for all kinds of learning activities. Some of the use cases of LMS are employee training, employee orientation, education, knowledge retention. The learners can access to the courses from anywhere at anytime and also personalized courses are created tailoring for different needs. EdSoft LMS saves your time even more as it doesn’t involve a rocket science for you to be able to use the plaform.


Learning Management System Features

Course Creation & Secure Delivery

You can make context-sensitive content, with examples, online in the form of a self-paced course. An easy to use drag and drop system of content uploading will make it easy for you to put across the best content in the easiest manner.

Online Tests/Assessments

Our online assessment tool lets you create assessments in multiple formats like Multiple choice questions, Single choice questions & subjective answers.

User Management

We let you create ‘user roles’ based on the different departments, roles and responsibilities within the department thereby creating a hierarchy and accordingly granting permissions & privileges.

Live Chat Tool

Provide Learner support to your students through our integrated Live Chat application and be available for your learners.

Reports & Analytics

Our Reports & Analytics feature gives you in-depth insights on enagagement of your learner by tracking the amount of time spent on the course content, adherence to the assignment submission deadlines, performance in the assessments, and thereby overall performance in the course. Our robust tracking system gives enough big data which is simplified for easy interpretation and action for a better outcome.

Create Instructor Led Courses

Create one using our Integrated Virtual Classroom, take the learning to the next level by offering the learners the blended learning experience. The learners can deep dive into the concepts, have an engaging session with the faculty with real-time quiz, answer questions or provide innovative ways to excel ahead in life!

Assignments and Certification

Easily assign a Project work or Assignment cutting down the mail trail, shared drives or folders. You can review, provide feedback and give marks as well. Set up criteria for assessment completion, and confer your students a Certificate… They deserve it.

Mobile Apps

Learn anytime, anywhere, on any device is the new mantra. We help you manage these changing preferences by letting your learners access the course and the content on the go through their Android & IOS enabled smartphones.

Be the Brand

Promote your courses with your own brand, distinguish yourself from others by creating your own marketplace, Create your own brand & benefit from it. We offer customized sub-domain with your logo and branding.


Now you understand the basics, it’s time to consider EdSoft for your LMS. Sign up for a free trial and see the features. Discover how LMS can make a difference for you, and why EdSoft is the right solution.




Online teaching tutoring

Reach wide range of students through online teaching/tutoring.


Distance Education

Distance education has been made engaging and interactive with EdSoft e-Learning platform.


Customer Training

Make your tool/product success by training your customers online.


Partner Training

Equipe your partners with the right skillset with partner training program.


Employee new hire training

The Edsoft corporate e learning platform helps you conduct a structured, interactive new hire training program.



Build your online presence through webinars improving the awareness of your brand, and boosting your business’ credibility.



Improve the sales by including an online strategy



Share your expertise to students globally by taking your coaching business online

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Personalize the learning experience to your students by tutoring online

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Higher education programs are made interactive with online tools.

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Your vocational training is made more practical oriented

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Track all the training progress in corporates with our online tools.

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