What is Marketing ?

The activities involved in the promotion and selling of the products or services is called marketing. It also includes market research and advertising.



Marketing is important because it drives sales. Marketing comes before branding and plays a very important role for the companies that are just getting started. With time branding overtakes the marketing efforts.

  • Growth of the company

    Marketing ensures the growth of the company. A good marketing strategy results in more sales and helps in branding which is the ultimate goal of a company for its growth.

  • Boost Sales

    A good marketing strategy results in sales. Marketing results in getting leads and those leads when sent to a sales team, converted into customers.

  • Interact with Customers

    Marketing is the channel to update your customers about the new products or services and interact with them.

  • Helps in Taking Informed Decisions

    Marketing provides insights about the target customers like demand in certain places and their demographics which help businesses make informed decisions.


Now is the era where people are literally buying or researching everything online. Only when you are at places where your customers are, you can achieve your desired results. So it is very important to take your marketing strategy online.



  • Take Your Products to Your Users

    Webinars are a great marketing medium to promote your product and services and generate awareness. An effective webinar tool can help you conduct great webinars to create demand for your products and services.

  • Brand Awareness

    Build your brand identity so that people can connect with you. It’s all about your name and your logo on our software. Branding gives credibility, and influence the decision making of your prospects positively.

  • Effective SEO Tactic

    SEO is the critical component of the marketing, and for an effective SEO, content is the key, and the best of the content is the video content. The Webinars would help you fulfil this objective. Create a webinar, record the webinar using our webinar recording tools, and upload the recorded sessions on your website as part of your content for effective SEO.

  • Affordable Marketing

    Webinars are an effective and affordable marketing tool. There is no setup cost, no infrastructure cost or manpower requirement. Using a cost effective webinar tool like ours, you can do immense marketing through webinars at a very low cost.

  • Engage with Engaging Content

    The key for any great presentation is the content. Engage your audience with multimedia rich content. Our Webinar tool supports multimedia content wherein you can upload any kind of content whether that be pdf, word doc, or audio or video files.

  • Quick Survey

    Let the audience take a quick survey and get instant feedback about your product, services and marketing activity. You can create an instant poll using the inbuilt poll option.

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