Online teaching/tutoring is the process of teaching/tutoring in an online virtual environment in which teachers and students won’t be present at the same place. And the teaching process is carried out remotely at our own comfort and reach many students at once


You can develop the learning content for the students based on their performance and keep a track of it. This helps in focusing on the best outcome from the students.

  • Student Engagement

    Online teaching is reported to have more engagement between students and teacher than that of the interaction in a physical classroom. The reason is the shy and non participative students are more comfortable to interact in an online medium.

  • Increase in the student learning

    Students participate in more discussions during an online course due to which they will be more connected with the instructor. This in turn results in students learning more.

  • Diverse teaching experience

    You can teach students from diverse backgrounds and different places following different disciplines and religions. Due to this you get to experience about the people from different places.

  • Time and location flexibility

    After building your brand, you can reach students from different places at the comfort of being at your place or institute only. If you expand your target to internation (or) international, even in that case you can reach them at your comfort.



  • WolframAlpha Powered Whiteboard

    Our online whiteboard for tutoring is integrated with Wolfram Alpha – a one of its kind answer engine for computing, unlike other search engines, it does not list out the websites, rather gives direct answers. The web search is made available within the session, the teachers and the students would not have to leave the classroom session.

  • No Installations No Plugins

    Let’s make it simple for the teachers and the students to be part of the virtual classroom. Our easy to use HTML5 virtual classroom is completely browser based and does not require any installations or plugins. It’s just a click away for the teachers and students to enter into the session.

  • Multilingual Platform

    If the internet has made the entire world a global village, then communication is the key to it. Our platform supports 104 languages, thereby ensuring that your interaction with the global audience does not get restricted. Our language interface is user-specific, meaning multiple users within the same session can have their own preferred language interface at their end.

  • Real Time Interaction Tools

    An interactive session has to have tools for interaction, EdSoft Virtual Classroom is powered with multiple interaction tools. We offer Chat tool – Public or Private, Dedicated Question & Answer Panel and Raise a Hand option.

  • Advanced Tracking Tools

    The efforts and the outcome of the learning can be measured with our tracking tools. Our robust tracking tools give you in-depth insights on the performance of the learners.

  • Be the Brand

    Build your brand, whether you are just getting into the business or have been in the business. We let you market yourself by having your name and your logo on our teaching software.

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