What is Partner Training ?

Partner training involves training of the individual team members to achieve the success in their endeavour. It involves using of different tools like audios, videos, pdfs, online learning as well as blended learning.



When you created a system, you know what a person faces at every point and what information that person should have. In this case, to maximize the results, when you train your partners then it will be simple for them to generate the results.

  • Relevant Skills

    Your partner can learn relevant skills to his job if you include a partner training program. Without this, in the first place, your team have to learn relevant skills with experience which takes more time.

  • Meet the Objectives

    Everyone has their own pace when it comes to accomplishing their tasks. But with the partner training program in hand, it becomes simple for you to achieve your objectives.

  • Market Penetration

    When your partner training program is very effective, your team becomes your replicas. In that way, you can penetrate into the market by strengthening your teams’ skills.

  • Accountable

    When there is a proper system in place, by knowing the activities done by your team, you can understand the progress of the work. In that way, everyone can be accountable.


If you have a global or country-wide team, it takes a lot of efforts and money to train your team. When you take your partner training program online, you can minimize the cost and reduce the efforts you put in the training.



  • Quick setup

    You can quickly set up the partner training program without technical fuss. All it requires for you is to login to your account and schedule your training program. Our Virtual Education Software interface is easy to use and have been designed to ensure that there is no technical expertise required.

  • Are your partners on the same page?

    It’s a lot easier for you to push the developments and train your partners on new updates using EdSoft live web conferencing and Web Teaching software. Assess the understanding of your partners about new updates either through online assessment tool, Tests, assignment or polls.

  • Certify your partners

    Certify your partners post training and let them be your authorized partner. Certified partners give bring credibility and trust to the customers. It creates a positive influence and makes the customer acquisition easy.

  • Mobile learning

    The millennials want greater flexibility, whether that be in office space or learning. They want to choose when to learn, how to learn and the mode of delivery – face to face, desktop, laptop or mobile, and needless to say, nothing offers more flexibility than Mobiles. We offer web based mobile apps wherein the learners can access the live sessions, giving flexibility for the learners to access the live classes from anywhere, anytime.

  • Be global

    Language Barrier No More, paraphrasing Nelson Mandela ‘If you talk to a man in his language, that goes to his heart…. Well, we may not be able to make you speak with the other person in his local language, but we can certainly make you interact with him in his local language via chat medium. We offer multi language interface for your global audience supporting 104 languages.

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