What is product launch?

Product launch is an event conducted when a company decides to release a product into the market. It is conducted to launch new products as well as existing products with an objective to achieve more sales in the short span of time.



A product launch event creates awareness, about the new product or when an existing product is launched after modifications, to everyone.

  • More sales in a short span

    Product launch events ignite interest in the customers and make them buy instantly which results in more sales in a very short span of time.

  • Excitement and attention

    Product launch events create excitement in the customers and instils curiosity in them thereby grabbing the attention.

  • Builds trust

    These events build the customer trust in your new products because of witnessing the products live.

  • Increased revenue streams

    New products or modified versions of the existing products launched into the product open the options to collaborate with different businesses which opens opportunity to new revenue streams.


Product launch events require a very high investment but by making it online, you can reach more people at a very less cost.



  • Learn Six Sigma

    It’s not feasible for the organizations to fly down the dignitaries, higher management for product launches every once or twice a year, lease out venues and other logistics, it’s a strain on OPEX. Organizations, especially start up’s are finding ways to make themselves lean by cutting down OPEX. Hence launching a product through Webinar is the most cost effective and best result yielding option.

  • Connect with Global Audience

    Let your product launch be a global affair, present it to the global audience with no geographical barriers. You can very well webinar a seminar as well using our webinar hosting services.

  • Product Glimpse

    Give your audience a glimpse of the product, a teaser. You might very well want to give a brief understanding of how the product works, what and how it would serve the needs.

  • Gain Customers Trust

    Let the audience queries and concerns be addressed instantly thereby building trust and creating a queue of prospective buyers.

  • Social Media Marketing

    If someone is not watching your product launch live, still no worries. Record your webinar, and push the recording link on all the social platforms. The best way to make it available to the audience post the live event and at the same time creating enough fodder for the social media platform.

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