What is Test Prep and Tutoring ?

According to wikipedia, Test preparation (abbreviated test prep) or exam preparation is an educational course, tutoring service, educational material, or a learning tool designed to increase students’ performance on standardized tests. And as you know, tutoring is where a tutor gives instructions to the individual to be an independent learner and improve his performance.

Test Prep and Tutoring


Test prep and tutoring are forms of personal learning strategy where fast learners as well as slow learners can adapt well to learn more with the help of their tutor.

  • More Personal Approach

    Every students performance is not the same. So based on the test results, a tutor can give the personal learning strategy to each student to improve their results.

  • Increase Confidence

    As the students start performing better in the practice tests, their confidence levels increase. So they loose their fear of facing the main test.

  • Find Barrier or Weaker Areas

    Only when the student faces a test he understands his weaker areas. And he can ultimately focus on those areas and improve his results

  • Timing

    Many students are great at completing home work but very few of them excel at the main test. So when they take these practice tests more often, they can work on improving their timing.


You can grow your Test Prep & Tutoring business more by going online because of being able to reach global audience. You can conduct exams, conduct assignments and everything online due to which you can also save the resources.



  • Interactive Live Classes

    Give the students the advantage of interactive live classes, and increase the engagement and outcome of the tutoring. The student can have a better understanding of the subject and concepts and get their queries answered from the faculty through live virtual class.

  • Study at own Pace

    Certain learners prefer learning at their own pace, let’s not hustle them. Create self paced courses and let them finish at their own convenience.

  • Question Bank

    Our online test software ensures that any and every question of your tests and assessments becomes part of the question bank, you do not have to save them separately. Build your own bank of questions, and use them as and when needed.

  • Flipped Classroom

    The new pedagogy in e-learning is the Flipped Classroom, the lack of time makes teaching a one way process. The information is disseminated to the students without much time left for discussion. Our Virtual Classroom with online whiteboard recording enables the test prep and tutoring companies to record their lectures in advance, and share it with the learners. The learners go through the recorded lectures during their non-class hours preferably leisure time, and the classroom time is spent on queries and discussion.

  • Preferred Language Interface

    Our fluidic language interface helps the learners to make the best use of the virtual classroom by giving the flexibility to opt for their preferred language interface at their end. We realize that effective communication is a key part of learning, we offer tools and mediums to connect the global learners and eliminate language barrier.

  • Monthly Revenue Info

    Keep a track of your revenue, because it’s reflective of your operational acumen for long term sustainability , so that you can serve the student community for a longer time and in a better way.

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