What is Vocational Training ?

Vocational training is a training for a specific career where emphasis will be more on the practical application of skills learned.

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Working professional have an option to sharpen their skills besides earning money due to vocational training. You can even get great practical experience if you prefer vocational training.

  • More Chances of Employement

    As the person who takes vocational training has learnt practical skills by the time he completes his course, the efforts required to train them is less. So the employers prefer them the most.

  • Responsible and Independent

    Because of having practical skills already they can fulfil their job without the need of someone else and be more responsible as they have to handle everything by themselves.

  • No to Less Efforts in Initial Training

    For some job profiles there is a need of hiring another person to train the new guys. Whereas in the case of the vocational course applicants as they already have work experience so companies can save a lot and no efforts are required in initial training

  • Stable Jobs

    There are some jobs with never ending requirement which are filled by the persons who has done vocational courses.


When you take your vocational training online, then there is no need for the applicants to come to your place every time. With the use of wide variety of tools they can learn the necessary skills by being where they are.



  • Real-Time Interaction Tools

    Learner and Trainer engagement is critical in the learning process, let learners be closely engaged with the trainers through the real-time interaction tools. The learners can stay connected with the trainers either through Chat medium with the flexibility to interact with the learners in a public mode or private mode, or through the dedicated question and answer tool. The learners can always use the ‘Raise a hand’ option to get your query raised.

  • Certification

    Certification is evidence of completion or participation in a course, which the learners can showcase to the prospective employers or concerned personnel. Organizations can monitor the learning and retention of the subjects by the students through assessment and award them with Certificate upon successful completion of the course.

  • Cloud Based

    The Virtual Classroom and the LMS training software is completely cloud based and you can go live within minutes. We offer all the support and training required for your team to start using our services. Our cloud-based tools give you enough storage space for all your multimedia content. Access it any time and anywhere.

  • Mobile Learning

    We let your students access the live classes and the course material from their mobile phones using our web based apps. We believe that with the mobile revolution, it’s about making your teaching available to the learners who are always on the go – Mobile.

  • Polls

    Use the poll option for instant feedback or a quick understanding of the learners understanding of the concepts and the retention power. Identify the knowledge gap and bridge them.

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