The EdSoft Web Conferencing Platform lets you conduct one-on-one meetings online with audio and visual connect. This solution, in turn, helps you in minimising the cost of the meeting with clients or partners cause of an option to have the same experience online. It will be just like face-to-face interaction. A web conferencing solution enables you to do interviews online with clear visuals and audio.


Web Conferencing Platform Features

Video Conferencing Services

We make your meetings more engaging with audio and visual connect, a full screen video mode along with multi way audio. If at all any scope for distraction of the participants in an online medium, we ensure engagement with face to face connect.

Meetings Recorded

With cloud based recording of the entire session, everything is documented. You can still have the minutes of meeting email sent out, with the recording link inserted in it.

Multi Language Interface

Why let a language be a hindrance for web based learning? With our multi language interface tool, connect and conduct meetings with your global employees with ease… Let Diversity speak. Engage with your diversified folklore truly.

Screen Sharing

We offer application sharing and complete Desktop sharing functionality through which the presentations can be shared with the participants and annotated, not just that, with the desktop sharing functionality, the participants can be given a hands on training on software and any or every other application.

Flexible Meetings Scheduler

WebRTC Conferencing gives you the flexibility to schedule a meeting instantly or for a future date. Enter the web conference with a single click on the meeting link, without the need to download any plugins or extensions. The meeting link along with the agenda can be sent out in advance.

Public/Private Chat

Your participants have all the models to chat with you, either privately with just you or post it to everyone publicly on the conference.

Personal Timer

Track the time allocated for you during the meeting by setting up the personal timer. Know how much time is left and how best it can be utilized. Set the time limit for yourself for different tasks like presentations, question & answers and other discussions.

Presentation Download

The presentations irrespective of the file type can be made available to the participants, by making them downloadable, save time and effort in sharing the files post the meeting. Not just the files, the participants can be pushed URL’s as well if required.

Raise a Hand

Meetings have to be interactive, and if they are especially happening in a virtual environment, the participants have to be given enough tools at their disposal, using the ‘raise a hand’ feature, the participants can let the host know that they have a query or point to make.


Now you understand the basics, it’s time to consider EdSoft for your Web Conferencing Platform. Sign up for a free trial and see the features. Discover how a Web Conferencing Platform can make a difference for you, and why EdSoft is the right solution.




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The Edsoft corporate e learning platform helps you conduct a structured, interactive new hire training program.


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